Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blue Angels, over my shoulder, draining my productivity

It is the end of the month. Like most companies, my company puts the pedal to the metal come the last week of the calendar. Sales and deliverables both spike off the charts and there is an excited buzz in the air. As a senior member of the staff I have an office, with windows, just a stone's throw from Dobbins AFB in Marietta, GA. This weekend at the Atlana Naval Air Station the Blue Angels will be headlining an airshow. As I speak they are practicing out my damn window. Loops, precision flying, criss crossing formations... just about anything you can think of that appeals to the 7 year old boy in me. I can't keep my damn eyes on my computer because every time I hear the engines roar outside I want to roll my chair over and see what these incredibly talented folks are up to.

It has been kind of a fun exciting day. The first one I have had at the office for awhile. Between the office buzz and the Blue Angels outside the window it has made the day incredibly pleasant.

I thought it was 2006 and not 1956. I don't care if you are black and dating a white girl. I don't care if Latinos and Asians mix. I don't care. You know why I don't care? It is none of my damn business who goes to bed with who and what race they are. These two wannabe skin heads in Texas beat a poor Latino boy essentially to death (he hasn't passed yet, but he probably will) because the Latino tried to kiss a white girl. I hope their time in prison is well spent as the bitch to some Latin gang members. Perhaps that will teach them to keep their sniveling bigoted hands to themselves.

Record profits for Exxon. Record profits for Conoco Phillips. Qatar saying, "if you shut up, the price will go down." Isn't the world oil market grand. 3 bucks a gallon. There's innovation. I propose we pass legislation that ceases all oil imports within 5 years and see what kind of invention that necessity mothers.

And with the 4th pick, the New York Jets select...this guy. You know they are going to blow this pick. You just know it. Or, they will somehow manage to get Reggie Bush and he will suffer some sort of catastrophic injury and never live up to his promise. Just like the Jets.

No 1 of Consequence

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