Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Return from a break

OK, I am back. March's month end was incredibly fantastic and insane. At the same time I was saddled with writing performance reviews and job descriptions for my staff. Neither are fun and unfortunately for me, neither are complete. My job continues to be a challenge and exciting but as my company grows more of the mundane management details show their ugly heads and I am forced to deal with them. I know, boo hoo for me.

During my brief respite from blogging we had a number of visitors to Casa De No 1. Both No Mother of Consequence and No Mother in Law of Consequence and No Brother and No Sister in Law of Consequence graced us with visits which was absolutely great. It is always nice to see family, especially since it can be kind of lonely down here in GA. However, we had continuous visitors for almost two straight weeks and I don't care who you are, that can be draining.

Immigration has soared to the forefront of the news in my absence. It is serious and contentious and I don't have the energy to deal with it today. Also, I am not sure how coherent my position on it is. So, I will reserve judgement until I have time to do some research.

Now the fun begins. You know you have been talking on the phone a lot when you get a phone bill for $218 trillion dollars. I mean, even at $1000 a minute you would have to talk for 218 billion minutes. At 525,600 minutes in a year you would have to stay on the phone for 414,000+ consecutive years to rack up a bill like that. Now No Mother of Consequence likes to prattle, but even she isn't shooting her mouth off for millennia at a time. I know it is obviously a silly mistake or fraud but figuring out the math was a nice break from working.

On a much less fun note, a newspaper in the UK is reporting the Bush administration is planning nuclear strikes on Iranian nuclear targets. Is it only me, or is it becoming more and more likely that President Bush is trying to end the world since he can't be elected again. Come on, can't they rig the election for Jeb or something to keep the monarchy going.

I don't think encouraging students to take a position and make their voices heard in this country is a bad thing. A school is taking heat for offering community service credit to students who attend an immigration rally. This is not something I believe they should be taking heat for. Decisions in this country are made by those who show up. They are made by those who get involved and they are made by those who take risks. Encouraging students to take a stand, take a side and make a choice is a valuable lesson for them to learn and something that should be applauded, not criticized.

No 1 of Consequence


y said...

As long as students on the other side of the issue have an equal opportunity to get credits then there shouldn't be a problem with it. Better yet, just make it extra credit to attend any kind of issues-related rally (i.e. not a pep rally for your high school football team), then you can choose which causes are important to you and which side you support.

No1ofConsequence said...

The way I understand it, this school did give credit for activism, no matter what the activism is, so the criticism was unfounded and unfair. The school's position was essentially take a side, get involved, we don't care which side you are on.