Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Knucklehead Time Wasting Fun

I am a pretty hard working guy, but links like this one can cause me to lose hours of productive time at the office. You click your mouse and the little penguin jumps off the tree stump, as he gets close to the sasquatch you click the mouse again and the sasquatch hits the penguin with his club.

The penguin flies through the air and lands in the snow and the website gives you a distance of your hit. I have 488.1 feet on the fly and 533.4 feet on a skidder. Fun for the whole family. How far were your hits?

For you PETA folks no actual penguins or sasquatches are harmed during this game.

No 1 of Consequence


No1ofConsequence said...

ok, updated records:

491.4 in the air
586.1 on a skidder

Yes, I am pathetic

Butch said...

if you really want to see them fly, try this version:


CleaningPressingAlterating said...

I played this when I was at RMSB&G. Where the partners were assholes, but....
My high on the fly was nearly 504, and on a skidder just under 601.
That was a long time ago, I must resist hitting the link.

Annoyed said...

592 w/ the skid...