Sunday, January 08, 2006

Airport Rant

I haven’t had what one would call any run-ins with the police. I have gotten my share of speeding tickets and there was a huge misunderstanding once in Philadelphia, but overall the police and I don’t interact. Post 9/11 I couldn’t imagine a situation where I would ever be disrespectful to someone in law enforcement. I even thanked and wished a Happy Holiday to a Crisp County Georgia Sheriff that gave me speeding ticket in November. Last night, some power tripping Atlanta cop pissed me off so much I wanted to scream. I was picking up No Mom of Consequence from the airport. She is barely mobile and while not wheelchair bound 100% of the time cannot navigate around something like an airport without the aid of a chair. Her flight came in very late and there were about 3 other cars waiting for people outside the airport. I pull up along the curb and wait for the attendant to wheel her out from baggage claim. An Atlanta cop ran me off and made me loop around, twice. It makes no sense, none whatsoever. There was no traffic flow issue, there were about 3 cars total in a space that stretches for over a quarter mile. There was no security issue as terrorists don’t strike when traffic is at its lowest. They don’t want to kill one person; killing one person is a waste of a bomb to them. What was it, you ask? Good question. It was this jerk off being so damn bored that he couldn’t think of anything better to do than hassle people. Even after getting out of my truck and explaining very politely that my mother was handicapped and would be wheeled out in a moment, this punk remained obstinate. I was really angry about it. I still am. I would complain, you know, call the police, and lodge a civilian complaint, but I don’t want to waste more of my time on this ass clown.

My point is this. If you don’t have to be a jerk off, don’t be. You may find life more fulfilling.

No 1 of Consequence

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Anonymous said...

I disagree. I find being a Jerkoff VERY fulfilling!

No Brother of Consequence