Wednesday, January 11, 2006

You'll get nothing and like it!!

Are you kidding me? Our active military, national guardsmen and reservists are some of the most patriotic, selfless people you will eve meet in this world. They sacrifice their time and in some cases, their lives, to protect us and maintain our way of life. We have a civil responsibility to compensate them for their time, not to mention the moral responsibility we have to make sure that they are treated with respect. They certainly don’t make a ton of money. This is a repugnant story. We suffer a massive national tragedy (9/11) and when our reservists and guardsmen report to close the barn door we tell them thanks, but you are responsible for your own expenses. What sort of backwards ass philosophy is this? This is an actual quote from the story, "If you don't like the arrangement, we'll make sure you get taken off this mission." The fact that this has gone on for 5 years and they still haven’t paid these guys is so indicative of an absence of reason in our government. I mean, even if you wanted to screw over soldiers, did you think it wasn’t going to get out? Did you think none of them would finally say, “Enough is enough, pay your bills, you deadbeat Pentagon lunkheads!” The fact that these guys had to get together and sue the government is just so sad. Wait until we see the class action suit from the soldiers who were sent into battle without appropriate equipment. That case should be a humdinger, pain and suffering, punitive damages, a litigator’s dream.

Respect those that sacrifice for the greater good. Maybe one day your life will be in one of their hands. Hopefully, at the time the hands will be holding the proper equipment and the person holding it will have been paid on time.

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new illuminati said...

Patriotism is the second-last refuge of a scoundrel. It's also a pat excuse for a riot