Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pro choice? Not in South Dakota! Government oppression and what the Wi-Fi?

The government has no right to infringe on the medical choices of women under any circumstances. The government should not be in the medical business unless it is going to start providing health care to the close to ten million American children that suffer needlessly without it. What will it take before the population reacts to this up-swell in legislated pseudo morality?

There was a recent comment on this blog that essentially said, ‘Who cares about the wiretapping?” There are two arguments that go along with that. One is that we need to trade some of our freedoms in order to be more secure as a society. The other is it is not that big a deal and there are more important things to worry about. To the first I give you Benjamin Franklin, who said, “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.” To the other I say it is a daisy chain to fascism. If we don’t halt the slide away from personal freedom now, we may never be able to again. How far are we from a suspension of due process in order to fight terror? Oh wait, we are already there, the government is listening to us without first getting approval from the courts and showing probable cause. How is this not important? At the very least, why aren’t we asking a special prosecutor to investigate whether laws were broken by the White House and The President? We spent something like 30 million dollars to find out the Clintons made a bad land deal and former President Clinton likes to get head. Isn’t it worth a little cash to find out if President Bush and Vice President Cheney broke the law and wiped their asses with our freedom? I think so, considering we are spending 80 billion a month or more in Iraq.

This is really disturbing. Can we please see some data before we start freaking people out? The real problem is, what if this Canadian college is right? Every time we walk into Panera, Starbucks, and our freaking houses we could be exposing ourselves to harmful radio waves. “Hey Honey, I am going to work.” “Don’t forget your radiation suit dear.” At least I don’t carry a cell phone.

In other news, a bad movie turned real life crime in England.

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Annoyed said...

Most reviews and feed back I've heard about "firewall" have been positive.

No I haven't seen it nor would I spend $10 to do so...

When Ben Franklin is reborn in the time of nuclear weapons and radical muslim men willing to strap 30 pound bombs to themselves to blow up an underground train....then I will care what he had to say 200 years ago.

To compare anything from the America of 200 years ago to our current situation is very short sighted in my opinion.

Again, the spying doesn't worry me all that much. The fact the President felt no need to follow the law to do so does... That's the issue. His constant ignoring of the constitution not the act itself.

Frankly, I have nothing to hide so if they want to read my email and tap pmy phone conversations about fantasy baseball, I'm not that concerned.

If in the process of doing this they uncover a plot to blow up the subways my loved ones ride every day then I have to say it worth them knowing my 1st round pick this year.

Also, the overturning of Roe Vs. Wade would be the greatest influence on the election process in this country since women were given the right to vote.

It would force these lazy women (a tremendous ammount who choose not to vote) to actually use the rights previous generations struggles to secure for them.

If you're a Democrat and hate the Republican agenda in this country then the overturning of R Vs.W is the best thing that could happen for you.