Tuesday, February 28, 2006

You can't be Sirius!

Last week was my first full week with Sirius Satellite Radio. It paid for itself entertainment wise in the 5-6 days I actually used it. I rarely spend time in my car during on the weekend so this is essentially a Monday to Friday investment and even then, it is only during commuting times. There is a way to hook it up in the house, but I have not even tried. In the interest of full disclosure it was No Dad of Consequence that put it in the car for me, saving me some money. I am not what one would call a handy guy.

I grew up listening to Howard Stern. From the time I was 13 years old, so 21 years or so, intermittently when I lived overseas, Howard has been a part of my morning. My school morning, my commute, whatever, Howard and the gang have made me laugh or grossed me out. There have been times he has gone too far and I have turned him off, but for the most part, I am a big fan. Traffic on Route 80 and Howard Stern’s coverage helped define 9/11 for me.

When I moved down south to Atlanta one big problem was there was nothing to listen to on the radio. It was all mediocre, with no edge. I took to listening to Bill O’Reilly on my lunch, partly because I like to know what the enemy is up to and partly because I knew I would hear actual opinion and not watered down waffling which is basically all that is available around here. Unless you listen to the Christian stations, of course.

So, the last 7 days or so of commuting with Sirius has been an absolute joy. Traffic? Yeah, but who cares, traffic means longer time in the car listening to the radio. The ride to work, obviously I am locked in as to what I am going to listen to, but the ride home is really fun as well. I spend some time listening to Shade 45 which is the Eminem programmed rap station. I listen to 104 which is the uncensored comedy channel. If you are a Bill Hicks fan this is very cool, because they play his stuff all the time. I never heard him until recently, but apparently he was like the comedian’s comedian. I have even spent some time listening to the Howard 100 News team which is a group of very professional reporters reporting on the goings on of not only Howard but his band of idiots as well. I can only take this in small doses though as the overwhelming arrogance of it all is a little disturbing.

In other news:

Could Bode Miller be a bigger buffoon? I know that the rest of the world hates the USA, but do we need to play in to every stereotype they have about us? Bode Miller was the best skier in the world in 2005. In less than 60 days he transformed himself into a global joke. Dan Patrick made a great point on ESPN Radio today. He said the Winter Olympics were like a bad reality TV show and frankly American Idol was more entertaining.

Very cool new discovery in Egypt

Spring Training ahhhh… is upon us.

What would you do with 256 million dollars?

Hillary striking out at the devil, I mean Karl Rove. Rove said today that Hillary would win the democratic nomination but lose the general election.


Grace said...

I have XM radio myself. I find it very entertaining as well. I don't listen to Howard, so Sirius wasn't really necessary. I get to listen to the Ellen DeGeneres show, and believe it or not you don't even have to SEE her dance to be entertained. I also get to listen to True Hollywood stories, the E channel, several good music stations, and several comedy stations. I myself am a fan of Lewis Black. I also enjoy the old time radio programmes. :) Never thought I'd sanction PAYING for radio, but I'm glad I do. Scott and Todd were getting a little predictable

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