Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Wanted: Fox to guard the henhouse

This country has to do business. It is that simple. We need markets for our goods and services and we need goods and services for our markets. We are involved in international commerce. I am a pluralist by nature, meaning I have the ability to accept more than one idea. However, accepting the idea that it is OK to sell off major ports or any ports for that matter to a company owned by the government of the United Arab Emirates is lunacy. The UAE is one of the more stable Arab countries and they have been fairly friendly to the US in the past. However, if you read the article linked above and many others you can find on the subject you see that the UAE harbored 9/11 terrorists and is a major transit hub for illicit nuclear materials. I am not in favor of the government involving itself in commerce for the most part, but I think you have to draw the line somewhere and for me, this is it. Ocean freight is the easiest way to smuggle anything on this planet. I really am not interested in giving the keys to the front, side, back and basement doors of the country to people that may or may not be in bed with the people who want to kill us all.

No 1 of Consequence


Annoyed said...

interesting enough Bush is going to veto laws bills against the sale.

It would be his first ever veto.

Be sure to point that out to the next person telling you how great Bush is at "Homeland Security"

new illuminati said...

'globalism' Ha! better a Global Village than a global corporate slave system. If you're going to sell national resources, what do you expect?
They belong to the CITIZENS, not the 'governedmint'.