Monday, May 15, 2006

Guest Blog: No Best Man of Consequence

While I was head down today, pounding out work product I engaged in a back and forth with my best man about a variety of things. I have been working on a post about wire tapping and the major telecommunications companies, but it isn't ready yet. With all the news today about putting troops on the southern border something he wrote was especially poignant. He essentially laid out the GOP strategy for the mid term elections, step by step.

Here it is:

Here's my take on Bush's stupid idea to put NationalGuardsmen on the border with Mexico:

1) Bush proposes stupid idea knowing full well it hasnumerous obvious flaws. Are the Guardsmen gettingn approval to shoot illegal immigrants? No, of course not. So what are they going to do? "Stop, or I'll say stop again!" Are there going to be enough Guardsmen to cover the entire border? No, they're all in Iraq. So, aren't the immigrants going to just find another way to get across? Of course. Wouldn't it make more sense to spend money beefing up the Border Patrol? Yes. But will we? No.

2) Media correctly reports this as a stupid idea with obvious flaws. Democrats get on board.

3) Bush defends plan, says he will not kill it despite this fierce opposition.

4) Bush kills plan.

5) Republicans campaign in November on illegal immigration, blame media/Democrats for Bush's plan failing.


Watch the coming days, weeks and months. If it doesn't play out exactly this way. I will be shocked. If you have any question at all about it, look at what happened with the gay marriage issue and the last presidential election. It is the Karl Rove playbook being run all over again.

Look for a post on the death of freedom later this week.

No 1 of Consequence

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