Monday, May 01, 2006

I only live 4 hours away from Nashville, TN

Maybe I can be a Titans fan. Being a Jets fan is an exercise in futility. They have opportunity after opportunity to do the right thing for their fans but in the end, they screw us. In my opinion drafting D'Brickashaw Ferguson instead of Matt Leinart is a mistake. It is a mistake from a football perspective and a mistake from a PR perspective as well as a mistake from a fan perspective. The Jets are really second class citizens in NY. They actually play their games in Giants Stadium. Matt Leinart would have propelled them to the back page. He raises their stature by the sheer force of his stardom. He is a better player than Eli Manning right now as well as a bigger star. On top of which they have two quarterbacks that if fused together might be something interesting, but on their own, suck.

Patrick Ramsey can throw the ball a mile, but you really have no idea where it is going to land. Chad Pennington is very accurate but his shoulder is held together by angel hair pasta and wishful thinking. Chad is smart, Ramsey, well, not so much. Neither one could be considered mobile.

When the Jets passed on Leinart I flipped. I know The Brick is going to be a stud and he was the safe pick, but I knew that about Blair Thomas too and look at how that turned out. The "BT Express" was derailed before it ever got out of the station. By the time the Jets second first round pick came around I had calmed down and rationalized that if the Jets drafted LenDale White (the other running back from USC , meaning not Reggie Bush, and the only power back in the draft) I would forgive them for passing on Leinart. In my opinion White has Eddie George, Larry Johnson type ability and could be that significant an addition to the team. What do they do? The draft a center, Nick Mangold, to replace Kevin Mawae who was a salary cap casualty and was aging anyway. Now, for a moment, I am livid, but in the back of my mind I know the Jets draft again in just a few picks and there is a better than average chance they can get LenDale White with their next pick, high in the second round. So now I actually start to feel encouraged. I think to myself, yes, this makes sense, rebuild the offensive line to protect the mediocre quarterbacks we have and then draft a stud running back to follow them into the end zone. I feel that warm sensation that Jets fans feel occasionally, hope. Yes, I say to myself, this CAN work... Chad won't make mistakes and if they give him a a lot of protection it won't matter so much his arm sucks. White will bash defenses and make crucial first downs and we have two young offensive lineman to protect them,



What happens now?

The inevitable.

Crushing despair.

The Jets trade the pick. THEY TRADE IT AWAY!! For what? An extra pick in this draft and a 2nd rounder next year. They don't draft LenDale White. (rookie of the year in my mind at this point) They draft a quarterback from Oregon. A school whose mascot is a duck.

Quack! Quack! Quack!

What does this do?

This, aside from adding insult to injury, unleashes a raging bile soaked rant from me at the television. Roars of pain and anguish spew forth from me.

"IF YOU ARE GOING TO DRAFT A (expletive deleted)ING QB, WHY NOT DRAFT THE (expletive deleted)ING QB THAT IS A (expletive deleted)ING ROCK STAR!?!?! YES, YOU STUPID MOTHER (expletive deleted)ERS PASS ON THE ONLY POWER BACK IN THE (expletive deleted)ING DRAFT AFTER NOT HAVING THE BALLS TO DRAFT LEINART AND DRAFT A MOTHER (expletive deleted)ING QB FROM WHERE?? (expletive deleted)ING OREGON!!! OREGON??!!??? QUACK (expletive deleted)ING QUACK YOU STUPID MOTHER (expletive deleted)ERS"

I turn off the TV at this point and refuse to even look at the rest of the player they drafted until this morning. (They drafted a running back from Florida State that has 12 total touchdowns in college. LenDale White had 59 FIFTY NINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I left a series of enraged messages on my brother's answering machine ensuring that his new girlfriend thinks I am a raving lunatic. Some people think I am a reasonably well informed and intelligent individual. Listening to me after watching the Jets draft would lead someone to believe I was a completely insane person. Honestly, reliving it now has caused my blood pressure to spike and for me to start seeing spots.

Why not be a Falcons fan, you say? I mean, after all, I am in Atlanta now. I have a good reason. Falcons fans are about the rudest fans I have ever come across in sports history. They absolutely have no fan etiqutte whatsoever. I attended the Jets-Falcons game last year at the Georgia Dome. The fans stand up the whole game. I mean the ENTIRE game, from opening kick until we left. It was ludicrous.

Say what you want about New York fans, we understand the concept of fan eitquette. Long pass down the sideline, everyone stands up and screams. Play over? We sit our asses back in the seats until the next exciting thing happens. 2 and 8 and a two yard run up the middle we remain seated. We get excited when there is something to get excited about. We act as if we have been to a game before. The people here have no concept of how to behave at an NFL game. So I can't be a Falcon fan because there is almost no chance I will ever attend another game or have a desire to.

After this entire debacle I now have to consider whether I will get the NFL Sunday ticket again. Currently. the thought of paying a couple of hundred dollars to watch the Jets this season makes me physically ill.

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