Thursday, May 11, 2006

Muddled Meanderings

I haven't had even a second to write lately. I hate that. I love that I have this outlet open to me and at the same time I hate looking at it as time slides by and I neglect it. I love that some of my loyal few come and check it every day, waiting and hoping that I write something. That means a lot to me. I want to make a commitment to write every day, at least a small amount, but the 60-80 hour work weeks I have been enduring don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

I am heading home to the Garden State at the end of the month. I am excited about it in some ways and not in others. No Best Man of Consequence and his wife had a baby girl, so I am really looking forward to meeting her. Seeing friends and family will be pleasant, but at the same time sad. I have been a fish out of water my whole life, in almost every situation I have ever been in. Now, the trend continues, except I will be a fish out of water in NJ, the only place I ever felt any sort of comfort at all. It is a strange feeling, like you don't truly belong anywhere outside of your house. Now, that house is in Georgia, a small blue island in a sea of red.

I am incredibly excited about the possibility of playing poker live in a casino. I haven't felt the heavy casino quality chips in a long time, coming up on two years. We have been hosting a live game in our sub-division pretty regularly as of late, but there is nothing like the feeling of staring down a stranger over the felt and turning over a better hand when he calls you. You feel bad beating your neighbors out of twenty, thirty bucks every time they come over to your house. Well, I don't feel bad, because I have pretty much broken even, but No Wife of Consequence feels bad. She has been kicking their collective teeth in.

I was going to write about George Bush endorsing his brother for President of the United States and saying Jeb would make a great candidate, but the task is too daunting to even consider.

Then I figured I would take a shot at David Blaine for passing almost drowning off as magic. Is he a curiosity for abusing himself like that? I guess. There are people who cut themselves with razor blades too, but I am not interested in watching them on TV. Either way, Annoyed summed it up pretty well, so I won't go into it further.

The US showed up near the bottom of the infant mortality charts for industrialized nations, again. I will say this, a black life continues to be worth less than a white one in the US. We really need to evaluate why that is. The infant mortality rate in this country is absolutely staggering. Too many Americans without health insurance. Too many of them children.

On that significantly depressing note, I will return to the grind.

No 1 of Consequence

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Butch said...

As to health care in this country, did you see this study? The Journal of the American Medical Association found middle-class, white Americans have significantly worse health care than their counterparts in England, even though we spend much more money on health care.

Health care in this country is so screwed up. In 50 years we will have government-provided health care and the lunatic conservatives who foamed at the mouth about socialism will be long dead and forgotten.