Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Business ethics, we don't need no stinking business ethics!

Sometimes you have to wonder why people behave the way they behave. I used to work for a company I like to call the Titanic. They have been a sinking ship for a long time and each month they lose more and more money. I was laid off 18 months ago and recently a number of people I respect were laid off. I am very interested in bringing at least one of them here to join the winning team.

The company I work for now sort of competes on the same field as my current company, but comparing the two is like saying the Columbia High School baseball team competes with the New York Yankees. Playing the same game? I guess, but in two totally different worlds.

The one person I really want to bring down here is a great guy. He has multiple skills on multiple levels and can really boost an area that I think my company needs boosting. He is young and energetic and fits right in with our office culture. Unfortunately, the Titanic forced him to sign a non-compete agreement. Let me repeat that for those not paying attention. They forced him to sign a non-compete and then fired him. That offends me on such a level that I can’t begin to describe it.

It came out that he was coming down here to meet with my company in GA somehow and the Captain and First Mate of the Titanic called this poor guy and threatened him with legal action. This is a young guy and he is scared out of his mind right now. He doesn’t want to come here. He is afraid they can keep him from working and have him sent back to India because of his currently uncertain visa status. They a bunch of punks for flexing muscle on some poor kid they decided they had no use for. They will pay.

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