Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Vibrate this!!!

What sort of backwards ass country do we live in? Sex my friends, is not evil. Sex is natural and fun. Sex is healthy. Sex is a great expression of love between two people. Sex is also a great expression of lust between two horny people. For some folks, more than two people make up great expressions of love and or lust. You know what I say? GOOD FOR THEM!! If I, or those people want to use a vibrator to enhance or prolong the experience, then so be it! Making sex toys illegal is not protecting the public from anything. The fact that the Mississippi legislature spent valuable time (sort of) on this law is ludicrous. It is an injustice to all married and unmarried couples who use toys to enhance their bedroom experiences and to all single people who are lonely. Good G-d, is the government not in enough places in our lives? Must they continue to try to insinuate themselves into our bedrooms?

Mazel Tov!!! A hearty, deep, and warm congratulations to NoBestManofConsequence and his wife on the birth of their daughter!! A 7lb 6 oz treasure who I can’t wait to get back to NJ to meet.”Babies come with hats!!”

Trivia Bonus: “Babies come with hats” comes from what TV show? Double bonus for character who said it and triple bonus for the episode name or story arc taking place when it was uttered.

This blogger posted instructions on how to perform an abortion on her website. Here is an article about the backlash she has received for doing this. Of course the death threats from the religious right have shown up in earnest. Can you please explain the rationale of these zealots? “I believe in Jesus so much I am going to kill you for saying something that is different than what I believe.” Could they be more unbelievably myopic? I hope she gets tons of traffic on her blog and a book or movie deal. I also hope no one finds out who she is and kills her. She should probably stay out of Mississippi.

Without getting too deeply into my love of physics and scientific discovery, read this. It is some pretty mind blowing stuff.

While living in California, it is probably advisable to avoid Denny’s like the plague.

This is a really interesting article about productivity.

Here is something terminally unimportant.


Anonymous said...

Religious or moral issues about abortion itself aside, don't you think it's extremely irresponsible for this person to post instructions on how to perform surgery for amateurs? If women, or let's face it, teenage girls start following these instructions do you really think they have the knowledge to perform this operation? Do you think that an internet guide can really prepare them for this even if there are no complications?

I don't really think Roe v Wade is in any real danger, but if you feel it is, there are better ways to do it without throwing the proverbial lambs to the slaughter.

No1ofConsequence said...

I believe she was making a point. Essentially saying, "if you block access to abortion, you will have people following these instructions on their own." Whether I agree or disagree with the point she was making or the way she chose to make is immaterial. Her right to make that point without suffering the idignity of having her life threatened from religious zealots who have no respect for any opinion other than their own is why I root for her success.

Anonymous said...

No1ofConsequence - I side with your philosophy on the issue of 1) sex toys and vibrators 2) abortion. If lawmakers are going to make abortions illegal (such as efforts taking place in South Dakota and other places) "do-it-yourself" abortions will become commonplace and lead to greater morbidity among those seeking abortions.