Tuesday, March 07, 2006

OJ murdered basketball for me.

I used to be a huge basketball fan. I have mentioned this before. The Knicks were my poison, although I had a healthy respect for Dan Majerle and the Phoenix Suns. I was such a big fan, in 1994, when the Knicks made the NBA finals I was living overseas in Israel. The games were on live at about 3 AM and I rented a hotel room, at great expense, in order to watch game 5. Game 5, as many of you may or may not recall was going on while the infamous OJ Simpson low speed chase took place. I speak Hebrew, or more to the point, I spoke Hebrew in 1994. However, the Hebrew commentary on the games was far too rapid for me to understand. Every few minutes there would be a shift away from the game to a white Ford Bronco. I was screaming at the television pretty regularly. I had no idea what the hell was going on as the whole OJ saga had not made the Israeli papers and the internet was in its infancy. Eventually the game went to split screen with the Knicks on one side and the Bronco on the other. I was livid, perhaps the angriest I have ever been. I dropped a hundred dollars on a hotel and room service to enjoy the game and my enjoyment was being ruined by a Ford Bronco. Eventually I flip over to CNN International and hear the whole story. This only made me more enraged. I wanted to, needed to see my Knicks. It’s was the finals, everything we had been struggling for my whole fandom and I was stuck watching half a screen in an expensive hotel in Jerusalem because of OJ fcuking Simpson. After that game and that series my love for the hoops began to wane. I was still a very big fan, but not to that degree. Now, my interest is only passing at best and I find the Nets a way more interesting team than the Knicks. However, was I still as rabid a fan of the New York Knicks, their current state of affairs would nauseate me beyond belief. I would want Isaiah Thomas’ head on a pike in my front yard and I would own this t-shirt and wear it with blazing pride.

Onward to other items of mild interest:

How cool is Café Press by the way? You can make your own design or logo, send it to them, and all of a sudden you have an entire inventory of merchandise. Amazing. The on demand world is an interesting shift in the way business is done. It is incredibly innovative.

John Stewart too smart for the celebrity Oscar crowd. I think so, so did this guy. His humor is too smart and subtle for most of America as well. The Daily Show is one of the best things on TV.

Thank goodness HBO is back to its original programming. I can’t take it when they are between original series. I am ambivalent about the Sopranos being back. It may have run its course and turned into a caricature of itself. Last season really started to seem that way, although it was so damned long ago I can hardly remember. I am looking forward to Big Love. It looks like a really interesting premise and I usually enjoy the HBO original series. I can’t wait for The Wire, Deadwood, and Rome to come back.

At the bottom of this story there is a link to a gallery of business leaders and their “secrets” to success. I found it very interesting and informative.


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