Friday, June 16, 2006

The Ivory Coast, disappointing me.

If you have been watching the FIFA World Cup with any interest at all you would know that the Ivory Coast fell to the Dutch today 2-1 despite outshooting them significantly.

Why do I care?

I don't really, but I did pick them in my World Cup pool. I decided that they would be highly motivated to succeed and keep playing past the first round because if they didn't they would have to go back to ethnically cleansing each other off the streets of Yamoussoukro. Not a bad strategy, just didn't work out and now I am a casual observer instead of having a vested interest.

Some observations about the world cup:

First, soccer is not nearly as boring to watch on TV as you might think. It is actually a very strategic game, probing areas of the defense and fighting for position without violating the rules. As long as the camera shots are wide enough you can really see things develop.

Second, and this is the strangest thing about it this time around. The World Cup pool in my office actually got more interest than the NCAA which is very strange seeing as we are in SEC country and my office is filled with young SEC alumni. Does this mean we will se a resurgence of the MLS in the US? I doubt, more likely a sociological anomaly, but those can be fun too.

Third, I don't really have anything else. The first two were the important points.

It has been a tiring week. I am looking forward to resting this weekend.

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