Friday, June 23, 2006

Sense of urgency... or not.

In the first incarnation of this space I used to bitch about my job all the time. As a matter of fact it was the dominating theme of the blog. I worked for a company with a great concept but was a massive failure in terms of execution. After they unceremoniously canned me and tried to cheat me out of money they owed me, I found my way here, to Georgia.

The company I work for now has perfected the concept the the other company botched. I LOVE my job and I am very good at it. I work ALL the time. My company is on the cusp of breaking into the big time in our industry and I find it very rewarding. The problem I have is that I don't see the same sense of urgency from some of the other people that work here.

One of these people seems to have his own agenda. He is already two months late on something that is critical to our growth and it looks like he is going to miss the latest deadline. He has brilliant tools. He is creative, he is technically adept, he is charismatic, but at the end of the day there is no sense of urgency. He doesn't seem to care about the big picture. I am growing increasingly frustrated with him. Why am I giving maximum effort when others are not? It is a little demoralizing.

In my opinion, if you are one of the senior members of a company, and you have your own agenda, you should not be with that company anymore. For a low level grunt, I think it is different, you have the right to look out for yourself, because your future may or may not be tied to that of the company. However, as a member of the executive staff, who holds equity in the company, to not show a significant sense of urgency in your work, is absolutely disturbing.

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