Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Screech, homeless in Wisconsin

And now, for something terminally unimportant:

Remember this smiling face from your adolescent Saturday mornings? Well if you don't, this is Screech aka Dustin Diamond, from the series Saved By the Bell and all of it's further incarnations (The College Years, The New Class) While his classmates went on to fame and fortune as strippers, strumpets, mid level celebrities and Mario Lopez, Screech toiled as a chess champion and mildly successful stand up comic. After suffering the fate of many child stars (his parents ripping him off and ruining his credit before his 18th birthday) he managed to enter into a bad land deal in Wisconsin and buy himself a house. Screech, who is credited for having the longest running unrequited interracial affair (with actress Lark Vorhies) on Saturday morning television had achieved the dream of all Americans, a lifetime of debt. Now, it appears, our beloved Screech is in need. His bad land deal has gotten worse and there is a chance he could be foreclosed upon by the unscrupulous and evil. So I say to you, my loyal few, help Screech, help him restore himself to good standing in the community and save his homestead. Buy a tshirt from him and you too can help Save Screech's House!!

You can thank the Howard Stern Show for this post. If you haven't purchased Sirius Satellite Radio let me tell you that you are missing one of the most entertaining shows ever to be broadcast anywhere. Doing 5 hours a day 5 days a week will produce some schlock as well, but for the most part Howard has never been wittier or more free to be his creative self. I laugh driving to work every day and because they replay the show all day long so you can catch parts you missed, I laugh driving home from work every day. Sirius and Howard have the No Entertainment of Consequence seal of approval. Worth the .43 cents a day, without question.

No 1 of Consequence

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Anonymous said...

I refuse to contribute $15 to this cause to get a crappy t-shirt with a geek printed on it. I struggle too. If I print up a shirt design can I get people to make my house payments too? F-that. He should get a real job.