Monday, December 19, 2005

DBA's rock, the Jets do not & Politics A Go-Go

I love my job. I work for a growing company that is really on the verge of something special. However, as with all growing companies we are experiencing some growing pains, specifically with our website performance and our ASP application. We recently added a new database administrator to the staff and there were great promises made about what he could do for the company and how he would single-handedly improve the performance by reorganizing the data. You hear things like this and you nod along. You hear things like this and you roll your eyes. Promises have been made in the past, you see, and nothing has ever improved the situation. Usually we muddle through and fight onward. However, when I got in this morning, the promise had been delivered upon. My backside application is working with a fluidity that I have never seen and our front side, client facing application, is absolutely smoking fast. The new DBA has not come in yet, he probably is taking a comp day after working the whole weekend, but when he gets in he is getting a major high five from No1ofConsequence.

Onward to far less important things.

In other news, the Jets snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. This, of course, plays right into the duality of Jets fandom, yes, obviously you want them to win as many games as possible, but once they miss the playoffs and there is no hope of Super Bowl dreams being fulfilled, you kind of, and I say this gently, want them to lose every week so they get a good draft pick. I know, I know, I am a bad person for actually being happy that they blew the Dolphins game this weekend, so be it. Now, of course, you don’t want them to throw games, because that damages the integrity of the league, but when you have the opportunity to land a Reggie Bush, you want to get him.

This leads me to a knucklehead conversation my brother and I had while he was visiting me a couple of weeks ago. Millions of Americans participate in Fantasy Football. I haven’t really enjoyed it since Barry Sanders retired, but I am still in about three different leagues on Yahoo. You play head to head against other people in the league, with your players and their players accruing points. At the end of the season the best two teams play in the Fantasy Super Bowl for that league and the winner takes home the top prize, usually some cash. However, the two worst teams also play head to head that same final week and the winner is crowned the Toilet Bowl Champion. The loser usually wins some money also.(about the price it costs them to enter the league) How have we not instituted this in the real NFL? The two worst teams play the Sunday before the Super Bowl and the winner gets the top pick in the draft. Who would be against this? The players would get an extra pay day, the league would have something else to promote and the week before the Super Bowl would not be dark. Also in terms of sponsorship, American Standard, Kohler and any other bathroom fixture company would go crazy to sponsor an NFL sanctioned toilet bowl. It would be a bonanza, plus, you know Vegas would love it.

Politics - a go go

I am not going to write much about President Bush’s speech last night. I don’t like to dive into the political realm without having well researched data to support my contentions. I just don’t have that kind of time right now. I will ask this, has there ever been a less inspiring speaker in the history of the White House? You would think after 5-6 plus years (including campaigning) the guy would loosen up in front of a camera, but President Bush continues to be a complete stiff. There is a new parody on Jib Jab. If you haven’t checked out their stuff it is pretty clever, usually.


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