Thursday, December 29, 2005

Depression USA

The US is depressed. Please excuse my language when I say no fcuking siht. The problem with this country is we are so busy worrying about nonsense issues, we don’t say anything as we continually get screwed over by the people that are supposed to protect us. That resigned apathy causes mass depression because we have this feeling of collective helplessness.

Since my rebirth into the blogosphere I have stayed away from the political because I absolutely refuse to just spew my political ideology out into the ether without supporting information. That means research time. Fortunately in my new job I have a ton of responsibility and that prevents me from spending time doing significant research on current events. Otherwise, I swear to you, I would be screaming from the rooftops about NSA surveillance and the state of the American government which looks less and less stable with each passing day. I would be talking about the hijacking of the Supreme Court. I would be talking about Iraq and what seems to be a war that was cobbled together in a weekend with no real occupational or exit strategy. "Yeah! We changed regimes in Iraq and are in the process of freeing the Iraqi people. Now what?" Meanwhile, the maniac in Iran is saying that Israel should be moved to Europe and The Holocaust never happened. Oh yeah, and he may be months away from having nuclear capability, has a missle with 1000-1300 kilometer range and believes Israel should be wiped off the map. I would be talking about all of these things…but right now. I just don’t have time.

Patience grasshoppers.

No 1 of Consequence

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