Saturday, December 31, 2005

Consistency of Effort

I am friendly with a guy here at the office. He isn’t someone I would ever have become friends with normally. He is a total alpha male, workout freak, in incredible shape, fraternity boy. While I was a fraternity boy in college, none of the rest of that description fits me. He is truly southern down to the Tennessee upbringing and accent. While we have never talked politics, I am almost certain he is a republican. He watches wrestling and college football. I do not. (NOTE: I am trying to get more into college football to try and fit in. It isn’t working.) We both have a love of baseball and that is about all we have in common. However, he is a totally genuine person and I totally respect that about him.

The other thing I totally respect about him is his absolute devotion to his job and his consistency of effort. He is in sales and sales can be a very tricky job for a young man. It is difficult to come in and put your head down and dial the phone. Spin after spin determining whether you are going to have a solid income that month or just scrape by on your draw. Every month since I have been in this job this guy has put up consistent numbers. I have never seen him have a huge month, but more importantly I have never seen him go into the tank either. He is a consistent performer and that has incredible value. When managing staff and budgeting a business over the long term it is important to be able to project your monthly company income. A sales person like this makes that much easier. Every month he brings in consistently forecastable results. He is the Derek Jeter of the sales staff. He has a great work ethic and though he isn’t going to put up gaudy numbers, his intangibles and leadership by example make him one of the team’s most valuable players. If I was building a sales team from scratch, I would pick this guy as my first employee every single time.

Happy New Year!! I probably won’t be posting again until Tuesday.

No 1 of Consequence


Annoyed said...

But he's into wrestling! Also, I will agree that Derek Jeter is consistent. Consiistently overrated and under-acheiving in big spots at the plate come playoff time :-)

CleaningPressingAlterating said...

spin after spin of the dial? showing our age are we?

Anonymous said...

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