Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A pop culture death and fun with the Internet Movie Database

RIP Michael Vale you made the donuts… and they were good.

I invented a game last night and it tickled me to the point where I was laying in bed giggling. I am still trying to formulate the rules so I am asking for you to come play with me. If you were to meet a celebrity and wanted to irritate them, what role could you bring up that they played early in their careers that they are probably embarrassed about, or was so minor, they try to forget they were even in the movie. So if you want to piss off Jennifer Aniston, you would say, “Great to meet you I loved you in Leprechaun.”

Obviously the movie they were in has to be pretty bad. Ben Affleck was in School Ties for about two seconds, so I am not sure that would qualify because School Ties was a good movie. I guess “Great to meet you I loved you in Gigli,” would be the appropriate answer, but that is really too far into his career. Although walking up to Dennis Hopper and saying, “I loved you in Space Truckers,” is perfect, and he had been acting for about 100 years when he made that dog. It is one of those things where you have that response, like yup, that’s the one. This makes the rules hard to quantify. Also, it has to be pretty major people… I mean busting on Debi Mazar for being in Space Truckers isn’t really fair because although she has a huge body of work, she isn’t what I would consider a major star.

OK, I have given you some guidelines, comment away. I will score your entries on a scale of 1-10. 1 being something like seeing Robert DeNiro and saying, “Hey, I loved you in Raging Bull.” Duh. A 10 is seeing Angelina Jolie and saying, “Hey, you were great in Hackers.”

For the simple minded among you, you don’t have to have actually done this. This is what you might hypothetically say if you were to meet celebrity X.

No 1 of Consequence


Anonymous said...

Actually Ben Affleck was just amazing in the after school special about the high school footbal player that started to take steriods. His range in going from a pretty normal guy, to an absolute rageaholic was definitely an emmy winning performance. (Hopefully everybody will know I'm not serious)


Anonymous said...

George Clooney: You were so great as Booker in Roseanne.

Annoyed said...

I find walking up to Vincent D'Onofrio and saying...

"What's you major malfunction Pyle?" to be good for a laugh.


Telling Johnny Depp that he was never as good as Richard Greico on "21 Jump Street" could be fun as well.

Grace said...

Hey Kevin Costner:
Why don’t we meet up later on Sizzle Beach?

Grace said...

Tom, if you had had TWO red shoes, do you think you'd be just as famous? (Tom Hanks)

So, in year three, did you actually get laid? I can't find anyone who watched the movie (Patrick Dempsey, Meatballs III)

Butch said...

This reminds me of an episode from the Sopranos where Christopher, seeing Martin Scorsese, shouts at him:

"Kundun! I liked it!"

You could do a professional athlete version of this game. Like if you saw Derek Jeter and said, "Hey, you hit .349 in Columbus in 1994! You rock!"