Thursday, December 08, 2005

No 1 Returns

Return of the product…..

I am back, yes, that’s right, little old addle brained me. It’s blogtacular. The Jersey Jew with the slightly interesting take on the world. It has been about a year since my words have graced this space. A year. A lot can happen in a year so I will give you the extremely short version. As you may, or may not, recall I was laid off from my old company last October. One night, in a fit of depression over another lost job I e-mailed my resume to every company that competes with my old one. Lo and behold my current CEO calls me up, we meet in NYC the following week, hit it off famously and before I know it I am once again employed. Not just employed mind you, but in what could almost be considered a dream job. I currently have a team of 7 employees and growing and we are the belles of the ball.

Belles you say?

Well, it’s interesting you mention that, because this new employment (not so new anymore) has taken me to the ATL. Atlanta, as in Georgia, as in, the south. Red state hell. Can we talk sports? Not so much, being a Yankees and Jets fan and having no real affinity for college football. Can we talk politics? I don’t think we can because I believe some markedly different stuff than most of the known universe to begin with. You magnify that with the southern conservative microscope and you end up with some heinously different ideas. Can we play poker? Eh, they still play things like guts and Chicago.

A majority of my time right now is spent diabolically planning the downfall of my old company. I already stole a significant member of their international team and am heavily courting their number one sales guy. He knows he needs to come over to the light side and get off the Titanic. He knows my company will crush his over the long term, but he is still trying to convince himself of the truth. Yesterday I presented my company’s services to one of the Titanic’s biggest clients. They loved it. I can’t wait until I sign them and we make our announcement.

I am coming back out of the ether, so for the uninitiated I write about a number of different things. I am interested in sports, politics, movies, TV, whatever odd thought causes me to have a deep introspective moment throughout the day. I try to write once a day, but I have a tremendous amount of responsibility in my current position so I am not sure if this is going to be possible anymore. That I am writing again at all makes me incredibly happy and I am very thankful to return to blogging.

Some quick hits:

Ø The Jets suck, being a jets fan is one of the most infuriating things in sports. I had to get satellite TV in order to watch the Jets every week. Now, of course, I want to send the Jets the bill for the NFL Sunday Ticket. I went to see them play in the Georgia Dome on Monday night in October. It was one of the odder experiences of my life. Giants Stadium, despite its age, is a great place to watch a game. Jets fans are rude and crass and loveable. They sit in their seats and when something happens they jump up and cheer like maniacs and then when the moment has passed they sit back down and go back to watching the game. Here in Georgia, the fans stand the entire time. I mean the whole game. 2 and 6 plenty of time in the game, run up the middle for a marginal game, they are standing. Are they cheering? Not really. Are they booing? No way. They are just standing. This makes watching a game at the Georgia Dome a pain in the ass. I never thought I would say this, especially growing up watching the Jets at Giants Stadium, but southern football fans are rude as hell. No fan etiquette whatsoever.

Ø I am a little disappointed in the Yankees off season. They haven’t really addressed some of their needs and some players that could have helped them have slipped by. I am very happy that Brian Cashman and Joe Torre are staying with the Yankees. The Yankees blew the Leo Mazzone negotiation. Allowing him to go to a team in their division was doubly stupid. They should have showered him with money. The guy is like Rain Man for pitchers. Everyone on the Yankees could have used him. The fantasy baseball value of every Orioles pitcher has skyrocketed in my mind. Mazzone is worth a run to a run and a half on the team ERA.

Ø The political climate of this country sickens me. I don’t really want to get into it right now.

Well, I think I have written quite enough for my first foray back into the blog world. Talk to you again soon.

No 1


CleaningPressingAlterating said...

Welcome Back!!!

HugItOutBitch said...

Well, it's about time! Now, start talking about how much the Jets SUCK and about how Herman Edwards should be shot!