Friday, December 09, 2005

Get calls, text message, detect cancer?!?!

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So an Israeli psychologist, using infrared technology, can transform the average cell phone into a breast cancer detection unit. This, my friends, is innovation. However, you know, some drunken guido is going to end up arrested for groping someone on a dance floor and end up using the, “I was just trying to check her for breast cancer,” defense. Also, as I understand it, psychologists don’t have medical training, so how this guy came up with this is pretty amazing.

Innovation is something that we are going to talk a lot about here in No 1’s world. It is only through innovation that we will be able to rid ourselves of a lot of our socio-economic problems and through innovation that our economy and society evolves. One of the most beautiful things about humanity is it is ever changing. What was important 10 years ago is not important today and what is important today is probably not going to be that important tomorrow. How we adapt our ideas and change core assumptions about our existence over time is fascinating.

Forgive me if I sound like some sort of cryptic philosopher. I am trying to find my voice again, so please bear/bare with me.

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BEAR... grr. Hatik shell Ah Havah. my spelling is off, but i still remember. it's good to have your VOICE back from the DARK