Thursday, December 29, 2005

Islamic Daughter Slaughter

Honor killings shock Pakistan. Shock them? Does it really shock them? I don’t think it does. How can something that has happened 260 times or so before this in 2005 alone be shocking? This guy cut his 25 year old daughter’s throat and then, as a precautionary measure, cut the throats of his three other daughters. What was his wife doing? Holding a 3 month old male baby, not saying anything, because she was probably scared to death this zealot was going to butcher her next. He killed the older daughter (25) because she was having a relationship with a man out of wedlock. Why did he kill the younger three? (By the way, when I say younger, I mean 8,7, and 4) So they wouldn’t have a chance to emulate their older sister’s behavior.

Zealotry, my friends is the problem. Defined as: Excessive zeal; fanaticism. Or; excessive intolerance of opposing views.

Deep passionate beliefs are good. Deep passionate beliefs that result in mass murder of strangers that don’t believe what you believe? I am pretty sure that is bad. Deep passionate beliefs that result in you murdering your own family? I am pretty sure that qualifies as insanity. 260 times in one year in Pakistan alone… collective insanity. Also, can we look at the complete devaluation of women in the fundamentalist Muslim world as a serious problem that needs to be addressed? The news story I linked to is very important when trying to understand global terrorism. Especially people who say that it is our own fault they hate us. Now anyone that knows me at all knows I am no fan of our current state of affairs and knows I am one of the more liberal people you will ever meet. Just read my opinions on homosexuality and you know I fall way left of center. However, even the most liberal minded among us have to truly understand that zealotry has no room for feelings aside from those that advance their sociopathic beliefs. Zealotry cannot be reasoned with, because zealots have no capacity to reason. Zealotry cannot be soothed, because the only goal of this kind of zealot is to destroy all those that are not zealous. Zealotry cannot be bought off, because zealotry may be the only thing in this world that has motivation beyond greed... although one could say it is greed of a different sort. So the pacifist in me is hurt immeasurably by this, but the question must be asked, is the only way to deal with zealotry to destroy it? I hope not, but along the same lines, I don't want to die in a shopping mall, bus station, movie theatre, pizza place bombing, or have my throat cut because some fudamentalist thought I was having sex with his unmarried daughter.


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