Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Schedule, schedule, schedule.

I am in a seriously pissy mood. I cannot stand being kept waiting. I am fastidiously punctual and when people don’t show up for things on time it makes me insane. If there is a legitimate excuse I can handle it. I have been and still am a commuter and I know what an absolute pain in the ass it can be. Sometimes traffic just sits and there is absolutely NOTHING you can do about it. So if one of my employees shows up late and says, “Hey, I am sorry, I was on Cobb Parkway and I had to sit through 7 cycles of the traffic light at Windy Hill,” I am understanding and even sympathetic. They stay late and work hard and get things done so for the most part I am not going to get upset about the occasional tardiness.

The thing that bugs me beyond belief, I mean almost to the point where I can’t stand it, is being made to wait in doctor’s offices. This institutionalized disregard for my time is so completely beyond my understanding that I want to scream incessantly at anyone and everyone. If you have an appointment for 9:30 you should be seeing the doctor at 9:30, not at 9:50 and certainly not at 10:10. I know I am not really that important a guy (see the name of my blog) but can you have a little common decency please. If you are going to be half an hour late seeing me for a 6 minute appointment, can you at least have the courtesy to apologize, offer me a lollipop, at least mention that you are so epically incompetent you can’t keep to a schedule.

OK, that’s enough whining.

Last night I apathetically watched the Jets continue on their crippled march towards another disappointing finish. J.E.T.S. Just End The Season, indeed. Although it was a nice symmetry to see them lose 31-21 on the last Monday Night Football game ever as they lost 31-21 on the first Monday Night Football game ever.

The holidays drive me insane. Until they are over I may not post on anything resembling a regular schedule. I am trying to ratchet up my posting because content drives traffic and I want this to be a place people come for fun, education and the occasional rant.

Link post coming.

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